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The early attention paid to mining focused on gold and silver discoveries However, later, discoveries of industrial minerals like coal, copper, iron, oil, and gas, stimulated new and continued growth of settlements in the westOldWestGold | eBay Stores,Over 45 years of Numismatic experience specializing in territorial gold & Western Americana Large selection of California & Alaska fractional gold Quality rare coins and Gold Rush items Contact us using eBay messaging for any questions 35 yr ANA & MSNS Life member PCGS, NGC, ANACS &Mining Towns - Western Mining History,The California Gold Rush that followed the 1848 discovery was the largest and most important event in the opening of the western frontier, and it set the stage for many more smaller rushes and booms throughout the west

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In 1942, at the beginning of WW2, the gold mining industry was closed down with the intent to move the mining labor force into war related metals At the end of the war, gold mining was re-instated, but many mines had caved in, were flooded, and in general disrepairThe Mining Boom [ushistoryorg],Ten years after the 1849 California Gold Rush, new deposits were gradually found throughout the West Colorado yielded gold and silver at Pikes Peak in 1859 and Leadville in 1873 Nevada claimed Comstock Lode , the largest of American silver strikesPBS - THE WEST - Events from 1870 to 1880,1870: Buffalo hunters begin moving onto the plains, brought there by the expanding railroads and the growing market for hides and meat back east

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Colorado Mine Directory 1879-1910 NAME MINE / MILL COMPANY page county metal/coal 1879 AITKEN, L L DANTE GOLD MINING 175 Teller m 1910 AITKEN, L L DES MOINES GOLD MINING 175 Teller m 1910 AITKEN, L L TEXAS GIRL GOLD MINING 206 Teller m 1910 AKERS, I N AMERICAN 246 Hinsdale m 1879 ALBERTO, ANTONIO ALBERTO 350 San Juan m 1879Timeline of the American Old West - Wikipedia,This timeline of the American Old West is a chronology ordered list of events significant to the development of the American West as a region of the United States prior to 1912 The term "American Old West" refers to a vast geographical area and lengthy time period of imprecise boundaries, and historians' definitions varyMiners and Railroads in the West - The West 1850-1890,The Draw to the West: Miners were drawn to the West in 1859 because they found gold and silver in western Nevada This became known as the Comstock Lode which was named after Henry Comstock The wealth was real this time and the Comstock Lode became a

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Many Miners were drawn to abundance of minerals such as silver and gold in Nevada This find was named after Henry Comstock; it was called the Comstock Lode Approximately 500 millions dollars of ore was dissevered in this bonanza The mining took place for 20 years This led to mining becoming an important businessMining Minerals - Old West Daily Reader,Mining Minerals in the Old West Mining Minerals in the Old West looks at the resources that were of interest to Native Americans, the Hispanic and Anglo miners in the Old West We immediately think of gold and and silver but there were numerous other valuables lying around or buried out in that vast, largely unexplored countySilver and Gold Mining Camps of the Old West: A State by ,This reference work catalogs silver and gold mining camps by state in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming Each entry includes location, names of known miners, year of discovery, and ore value

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1860-1870: 1870-1880 to consolidate federal control over the West, establishing strong local governments loyal to the Union across the region tall tale set in a boisterous California American frontier - Wikipedia,The image of a Wild West filled with countless gunfights was a myth based on repeated exaggerations The most notable and well-known took place in Arizona, New Mexico, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas Actual gunfights in the Old West were more episodic than being a common thing, but when gunfights did occur, the cause for each variedGhost Towns - The Old West | Utah,Central Utah Near the old mining town of Eureka are several ghost towns such as Silver City and Mammoth Located on a road out of Clear Creek Canyon near Richfield is the mining ghost town of Kimberley At the turn of the century Kimberly was a lively, thriving community with a lucrative mining

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The Modernization of Mexico 1850-1900 - Emazine Dec 29, 2012 Romero saw the key to increased mineral production was the revision Mexico was still a rural country between 1850 and 1870 and for the average million in 1910 and a third of this was plowed into railroad constructionGold in Josephine County – 1870 - Oregon Gold,Gold in Josephine County – 1870 Filed under Josephine County Gold, Oregon Gold, Southern Oregon Gold From the archives of Kerby Jackson Extract from - Mines & Mining in the States and Territories West of the Rockies US Commision of mining statistics, 1870 which will awaken the old times in placer-gold mining on Althouse The returns OLD WEST HISTORY STORE - Antique Western Gold Mining Stock ,Authentic early western gold mining stock certificates for the collector and Old West history buff Silver bars, core samples and an excellent selection of certificates from the Homestake Mining Company at Lead, South Dakota Antique documents from gold mines located at Cripple Creek, Colorado Even an actual nevada gold nugget or two to offer

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The account books and records of underground gold and silver mines provide an excellent opportunity to study the evolution of cost accounting procedures between 1870 and 1910 Mining played an important role in the development of America and particularly of the WestGold and Gems maps of the old west - Possible Shop,New discoveries in the 1860′s and 1870′s rekindled the interest in mining in New Mexico New Mexico was the 12th largest gold producing state from 1848 through 1963 reporting an output of 2,251,014 ounces for that periodPhotos of Miners in the Cerrillos Hills - 1880,Photos of Miners in the Cerrillos Hills - 1880 ABOUT THESE PHOTOGRAPHS These photographs of the Galisteo and Cerrillos Mining Districts were taken in the Spring of 1880 by George C Bennett Some of the stereo cards state that a five day trip was made

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Gold was discovered there in 1868, and by 1870, at the height of the mine's operations, the population in Hamilton City was 75, forty of which were miners The original boom of mining activity "busted", however, from 1872 to 1874, but by the 1880s a new era of economic prosperity had dawnedGhost Towns of New Mexico | Trail & Map | New Mexico True,They are ghost towns now But in the late 1800s, each had a moment of glory that blazed and died like a sudden flame Most were mining towns, where men lusted after the earth’s riches – gold, silver, turquoise, copper, lead and coalMining Boom of the 1890's,The mining man who has kept informed on the stirring events of the past few months will be amazed to see how many new mineral districts are located on the ‘run’ These districts make a chain with few still missing links, between the greatest zinc centers of the Ozark country

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1900 THE ARNO GOLD MINING COMPANY - Incorporated Under the Laws of the State of Colorado - This scarce stock certificate is from the short-lived town of Anaconda, Colorado Due to profitable mines in the area, it was a bustling community for a while In 1893, Anaconda had 3 saloons: Good's Place, Mayer & Cook and Page & AllenEnvironmental Impacts of the Gold Rush,Environmental Impacts of the Gold Rush Primary "A Federal Agent Assesses Miningís Impact on the Indians, 1853 From a letter from E A Stevenson, Special Indian Agent to Hon Thomas J Henry, Supt of Indian Affairs, San Francisco"Southern Cross, Montana Ghost Town – Legends of America,Though the vast majority of hard rock mining occurred during the time from the 1870’s through 1910, it would continue periodically for almost 80 years The Anaconda Copper Mining Company ceased to operate the Southern Cross Mine in 1919

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Mining Equipment of the late 1800s: Historical mining equipment used in the American West including the miner’s The belly of the mountain is a dangerous place for men, but the lure of gold, silver, and valuable ores is strong Without fail, the miners come Colorado sometime between 1880 and 1910 Miner's hat Miner's lunch bucketGold mining in Nova Scotia - Wikipedia,The first gold rush in Nova Scotia began in 1861 and lasted until 1874 Gold hysteria attracted thousands to the gold fields This was the most dramatic of the rushes, initially characterized by the frenzy of inexperienced miners with dreams of striking it richUnited States Mining Company 1890's - Scripophily,Beautifully engraved Certificate from the famous United States Mining Company issued in 1898 - 1899This historic document has an ornate border around it with a raised corporate seal This item is hand signed by Edward Clark and is over 101 years old

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Rare Set Of Five 3oz Old West Silver Mining Company Bars W H Foster Inc $79995 Marshall Gold Mining Company Stock Certificate $39500 Merchants Silver Mining Company Baltimore And Colorado Stock Certificate 1870 $28900 Western Union Western Union Mining Company 1920s Stock Certificates - 140 Pieces - Wallace, Id CDC - Mining - Mining Disasters: 1839 to present - NIOSH,Newspaper article citations from the archives at the National Mine Health and Safety Academy Library, Beckley, West Virginia (Historical Mining Disasters by Jane DeMarchi) Historical Data on Mine Disasters in the United StatesGold Rush | New Georgia Encyclopedia,Several companies set up gold-processing plants, one of which, erected by the Dahlonega Consolidated Gold Mining Company on Yahoola Creek, was the largest ever built east of the Mississippi River None of the operations were able to turn a profit, though, and they soon went out of business

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Find great deals on eBay for antique mining equipment Shop with confidencegold mining tools 1850 - Mine Equipments,The origins of Victorian mining technology, 1851 - 1900 - Australian The paper traces the origin and some of the developments of gold mining technology in Victoria during ing area in the British Empire in 1850 ore production was 18 700 tons capacity for the manufacture of miningAmerican West Photographs | National Archives,American West Photographs "Judge Roy Bean, the `Law West of the Pecos,' holding court at the old town of Langtry, Texas in 1900, trying a horse thief This building was courthouse and saloon No other peace officers in the locality at that time" Hydraulic gold mining near Virginia City, Mont Terr A flume is laid upon bedrock in the

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